Letter: There are still good people

To the editor:

On a busy business day recently I left my office with several tasks to get done. I visited the bank to get cash, made a couple of stops, and needed to get some information in the mail. In my haste I picked up the material to be mailed with the envelope containing the cash. I took care of getting my information in the mail and took off to get other things done.

At a point I started looking for my envelope with the cash. I searched my briefcase and my car with no success. I then started to trace where I had been with no results.

My last resort was to return to the Laurinburg Post Office. Some time had passed, so frankly I was not too encouraged about finding anything there either. When I walked into the service area I was greeted with a big smile and was told they had been trying to reach me. They had left a message with my office already.

I could not thank them enough. But they said that actually another customer had noticed that I had left it on the counter and notified them about it. I tried to reward them for their honesty and effort which they would not accept. They did, however, ask that I pay it forward. I did and I will.

At a time when people seem to look for all that is wrong, I was left with a good feeling that there are good people who do honest deeds. When all is said and done life is much better if we can just treat others as we would have them treat us…and when people do good deeds to us, pay it forward.

Thanks to the employees at Laurinburg Post Office and the customer who noticed my mistake.

Danny Caddell


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