Scotland’s Sheriff Kersey decides to run after-all

LAURINBURG — Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey has reversed his decision not to seek re-election in 2018.

Kersey used his Facebook account to make the announcement last week that he would not run for a second term.

“There have been many rumors going around that I will not be running for a second term. The rumors are true,” he said under the Facebook account Ralph Kersey Sheriff.

He took to Facebook on Monday to say that voters in Scotland County should “decide who will be sheriff in 2018.”

Kersey, a Republican, suggested on Facebook that he decided to reconsider after receiving “many phone calls, Facebook messages, emails and personal contacts” of support. He added his decision to reconsider was made by himself and his wife, Angie.

“Angie and I have had many conversations since that post,” Kersey said. “I have also been in prayer on this decision. Angie and I have both agree that the citizens of Scotland County should be giving the opportunity to decide who will be sheriff in 2018.”

A retired N.C. Highway Patrol officer and former Marine, Kersey defeated incumbent Democrat Sheriff Shep Jones in 2014. During the campaign, Kersey promised to be hands-on as sheriff, paring down the chain of command at the top, eschewing a personal county vehicle and riding along with his deputies to develop stronger personal relationships within the department.

“I will not place what we have accomplished in the hands of someone else,” he said. “You the people will make that decision. So, I will seek re-election in 2018 …”

The reason for the original decision not to run was unclear. Kersey could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

“Some of you know that my dad has faced some health problems,” he said in his Facebook post. “I have always believe God first, family second and the rest will be okay. We have worked these issues out and I am blessed and thankful for the support of my family.”

Sheriff Ralph Kersey Ralph Kersey

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