RNC 2016: N.C. delegates by the numbers

While there are no GOP delegates from Scotland County at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, North Carolina has the sixth largest delegation in the country.

With alternate delegates, state GOP staffers, spouses and other guests, and the group totals 300 people. Of North Carolina’s 72 delegates, 39 were elected at GOP meetings held in each of the state’s 13 congressional districts.

Another 30 were elected at the state Republican convention in May, where a committee developed a slate from people who applied to represent North Carolina.

The list includes state legislators, party donors, and county-level party leaders. Some people became delegates automatically because of the leadership role they hold in the N.C. Republican Party, such as the party’s chairman, former U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes, who once represented Scotland County and the 8th District in Congress.

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