Helpline relocates business

By Abby Hackmann - [email protected]

LAURINBURG — The tutor and mentor facility that opened four years ago celebrated its relocation with a ribbon cutting and business mixer last week.

About 50 people gathered at The Help Line on Thursday to celebrate the business moving from an upstairs suite to an area downstairs. The business is at 127 Fairley St.

“The move downstairs at Christmas has been a very large move, we actually have eight rooms now,” said owner Jeanette Herlocker who opened the business in 2011.

Guy McCook, chairman of the Scotland County Board of Commissioners, believes the business brings more to the community than tutoring.

“The reason our unemployment rate seems to be consistently high is because we have a lot of people in our community that struggle educationally,” said McCook. “It’s efforts like this that will make a difference long-term, not just for the kids that they are helping today, but these children’s children.”

The Help Line stands for Handling Educational and Learning Progress. It has was desgined to tutor students both academically and socially.

From weekend dances to SAT preparation, the Help Line is there to provide educational lessons for all ages.

“Our youngest student is 5 and our oldest student is 62,” said Herlocker.

There are currently 45 students enrolled, but Herlocker plans on seeing the number increase as the school year goes on.

“ToriLynn Stone is my daughter and she has been a part of the Help Line since 2011,” said Rebecca Stone. “She is a fourth grader at Laurel Hill Elementary.”

The Stones came in for reading comprehension and tutoring in math, but got a lot more out of it than understanding times tables.

“Last year my child had honor roll the whole entire school year,” said Stone with tears in her eyes. “It really does work.”

Stone explained the hands-on learning facility makes students want to learn by incorporating five different rooms that are designed according to a theme. From history and culture to science and math, the students get a chance to physically observe each subject.

“It’s been a wonderful experience for us,” Stone said.

Herlocker also collaborated with the Krazy Feet Cloggers dance studio in effort to open a middle school social series.

“You can’t just address the academic end of a child, there’s a whole social, emotional side,” Herlocker said. “I created the middle school social series because I feel like our children don’t have enough positive things to do in the area in terms of social activities.”

Once a month there will be a themed dance open to the public for 80 students at the Krazy Feet dance studio. It will be a $10 fee and chaperoned by Herlocker and Krazy Feet employees.

“We really are reaching out to do some new and different things to help the community,” Herlocker said. “It’s just a needed business.”

For information on the Help Line call 910-276-1000.

By Abby Hackmann

[email protected]

Abby Hackmann can be reached at 910-506-3171.

Abby Hackmann can be reached at 910-506-3171.

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