‘Caring’ community needed

LAURINBURGScotland County United Way is in search of volunteers to join its annual Day of Caring, one of the biggest community service events in the county.

The Day of Caring will kick off on Sept. 11 with a breakfast for volunteers at 8 a.m. at Laurinburg Presbyterian Church. Volunteers will assist with projects at 11 of the 19 nonprofit organizations that United Way supports.

From planting a fruit orchard to helping build a home for a needy family, there are projects waiting to suit anyone’s interests, according to Debbie Grant, United Way director.

“We’ve got a big project this year planting the orchard trees, there are like 300 trees so we would love to have as many volunteers as possible,” said Grant. “We’re hoping to have at least 140 volunteers because that’s how many we had last year.” Right now approximately 100 volunteers are already signed up.

For information or to sign up to volunteer, contact Grant at 910-276-6064.

Below is a partial list of those projects. They are numbered by the United Way’s project list. The Laurinburg Exchange plans to do additional stories on the all the projects:

Project 1

American Red Cross, Scotland County chapter needs volunteers to help install smoke alarms in neighborhoods most vulnerable to fires. The Red Cross will provide the smoke alarms, tools and training.

The project address is 227 S. Main St., Laurinburg.

Project 2

Habitat for Humanity will need 40 or more volunteers to begin framing a new habitat house starting that morning. Work will include putting up walls, sheathing, hanging trusses, painting foundation, wrapping and installing hurricane straps. Volunteer should wear appropriate shoes — no sandals or flip flops.

The project address is 526 Sugar Road, Laurinburg.

Project 3

Scotland County Senior Games needs four to six outdoor volunteers to help paint and re-line the shuffleboard court. Volunteers will work for four to six hours sprucing up the men’s and women’s shuffleboard, which has one of the highest number of participants during Scotland County Senior Games.

The project address is 1210 Turnpike Road, Laurinburg.

Project 4

Scotland County Church and Community Services needs both indoor and outdoor volunteers to help with donations and this year’s Christmas Cheer program. Volunteers will work until noon either sorting and hanging clothing donations, sorting and arranging food bags or weed eating and cutting grass.

The project address is 108 Gill St., Laurinburg.

Project 6

Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center needs five to seven female volunteers to help redo the upstairs storage area. Volunteers will work for two to three hours hanging clothing by size.


Project 7

Scotland County 4-H needs two to three indoor volunteers to help put evaluation packets together. Volunteers will work for two hours assisting with packets and taking inventory of supplies and materials.

The project address is 231 East Cronly St., Suite 800, Laurinburg.

Project 8

Project In As Much needs 10 or more volunteers to help open boxes and bags and place them in containers to be used to fill snack bags. Volunteers will work for one to two hours helping to fill 650 bags with snacks. Filled bags will be boxed to be delivered to various schools.

The project address is Faith Presbyterian Church in Laurinburg.

Project 9

Scotland County Firefighters needs five outdoor volunteers to help with washing and cleaning the safety house. Volunteers will work for about three hours.

The project address is 1547 Hickory St., Laurinburg (access from side road between the Armory and store).

Project 10

Scotland County Literacy Council needs two to three indoor volunteers to help set up a children’s homework center. The area needs to be cleaned and organized. Volunteers will work for two to three hours repacking and moving fundraising materials.

Scotland County Literacy Council also needs two to four volunteers to help cut grass, trim hedges and trim around handicap ramp.

The project address is 213 McLaurin Ave., Laurinburg.

United Way seeks volunteers for Sept. 11 event

By Abby Hackmann

[email protected]


Abby Hackmann can be reached at 910-506-3171.


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