College football’s first weekend didn’t disappoint

Amber Hatten Sports Editor

LAURINBURG — The powers that be couldn’t have drawn up a better first weekend for college football — it was three days of non-stop totally unpredictable action.

The first game I watched on Saturday was Ohio State vs. Bowling Green, which was a tough one for me. I grew up a Buckeye, but I chose to be a Falcon — so I threw my OSU shirt on and wrapped up under by BG blanket.

I knew from the get that my Alma mater didn’t stand a chance against the Buckeyes, but the first six minutes of the game were exciting as they marched down the field and scored the first touchdown.

Of course we all know how that game ended — 77-10 in favor of the Buckeyes. That was the only game I was personally invested in, that doesn’t mean it was the only game I watched.

As your sports editor it was my duty to sit on my couch all day and take in as much college football as possible. I will admit Justin and I did go to Red Bowl in Southern Pines and have a dinner date — but all of the TVs in the restaurant had on a different game, so I didn’t miss anything.

During dinner the LSU vs. Wisconsin game was on and as I was watching Justin was asking questions and I was explaining all of the different scenarios that go along with a kick return and a punt. Needless to say the two tween boys sitting behind us were shocked that I was explained football to Justin.

I explain sports to him and he explains video games to me — that way we at least know the basics of what the other enjoys.

We got home from dinner just in time for the start of the Clemson/Auburn game. I know it was the first game of the season and you need to get your three quarterbacks in but Auburn shot themselves in the foot with the revolving door of QBs. If Sean White has the offense rolling don’t pull him out and have Jeremy Johnson run the quarterback keeper for two yards. Just leave White in and let him run the hurry up.

While Clemson/Auburn was a low scoring game because of two outstanding defenses, the Notre Dame/Texas game was all about the offense. When two teams combine for 97 points there is little defense being played. The Fighting Irish and the Longhorns need to go back to the drawing board and beg, borrow or steal a defense from somebody.

I will say the upset by the unranked Longhorns — now No. 11 — did make them relevant again, which hasn’t happened since Colt McCoy was the starting quarterback.

Then it was time for the much anticipated debut of Florida State and Ole Miss on Monday.

The only thing that kept Jimbo Fisher and the Seminoles from losing is Deondre Francois. I don’t know what alligator infested swamp Fisher found him in, but the kid can flat out play.

For a true freshman quarterback to throw for 419 yards and two touchdowns in his first college game is unheard of — unless of course you’re the younger clone of Jameis Winston.

It didn’t hurt that Winston was at the game, on the sidelines, and gave a halftime speech. If it came down do it I think he would have thrown on a headset and started coaching.

As for Ole Miss, it looked like they had the game in the bag with the hurting their defense was putting on the Seminoles, but anything can happen in college football.

Week 2 of college football isn’t going to be as exciting. There are zero ranked match ups and the featured game of the week is Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee — only because they are playing in the middle of Bristol Motor Speedway.

Luckily NFL games start tonight with a rematch of Super Bowl 50. As much as I don’t care for the Broncos, I want them to beat Carolina just to see if Cam Newton throws another temper tantrum.

I have my fingers crossed I’ll be able to watch the Bengals take on the Jets on Sunday afternoon, since the Panthers will have already played and the Steelers have the Monday night game.

After writing all this I’ve realized something — God I’m happy it’s football season again!

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Amber Hatten Sports Editor Hatten Sports Editor
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