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By Amber Hatten - [email protected]

Keante McNair

LAURINBURG — Keante McNair is a 5-foot 11-inch junior at Scotland High School. He is also one of the starting outside linebackers, wearing No. 40, for the Fighting Scots this season and has been named this week’s Defensive Player of the Week.

Each Friday, the Exchange will feature one offensive, one defensive and one special teams player from the Fighting Scots, chosen by the coaches, to be the Players of the Week.

Keante had a impressive WWE-style tackle near the end of last week’s game against Independence, which is why head coach Richard Bailey selected him as the Defensive Player of the Week.

“Keante has been a pleasant surprise so far” said Bailey. “He is a physical player who wants to be great.”

The 195-pound junior plans to attend Miami University in Florida to study either forensics or health science. He wants to use his degree to be a forensic investigator.

Something people might not know about Keante is that is a hard working player who has four brothers. Keante said he wants to be better than all four of his brothers were at football. Currently Keante plays linebacker with his twin brother Kalish, who wears No. 35.

When asked what he is most looking forward to in the 2016 season he said he is looking forward to he and his teammates taking it all the way while remaining humble and playing one game at a time.

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Keante McNair McNair

By Amber Hatten

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