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By Amber Hatten - [email protected]

Syheam McQueen

LAURINBURG — Syheam McQueen is a 6-foot 1-inch sophomore at Scotland High School. He is also one of the starting running backs, wearing No. 5, for the Fighting Scots this season and has been named this week’s Offensive Player of the Week.

Each Friday, the Exchange will feature one offensive, one defensive and one special teams player from the Fighting Scots, chosen by the coaches, to be the Players of the Week.

Along with being one of the Scots running backs, Syheam — known by most people as Smiley — also plays special teams and defense, which is why head coach Richard Bailey selected him as the Offensive Player of the Week.

“Smiley did a little bit of everything, but he did a great job running and blocking on Friday night,” said Bailey.

Syheam had seven carries for 88 yards to be the second leading rusher for the Scots. He also had one touchdown and ran in the Scots only two-point conversion attempt last week against South View.

The 189-pound sophomore hopes he can continue his football career when he graduates but is still undecided on where he wants to attend college. The only thing Syheam does know is that he would like to attend college outside of North Carolina. Syheam also isn’t sure what he plans to major in, but one day would like to become a police officer.

Something people might not know about Syheam is that he likes to sleep a lot.

When asked what he is most looking forward to in the 2016 season he said he wants a 4A State Championship ring on his finger.

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Syheam McQueen McQueen

By Amber Hatten

[email protected]

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