Offensive Player of the Preseason

By Amber Hatten - [email protected]

Barry Campbell

LAURINBURG — Barry Campbell is a 6-foot 3-inch senior at Scotland High School. He is also one of the starting wide receivers, wearing No. 6, for the Fighting Scots this season and has been named the first Offensive Player of the Preseason.

Each Friday, the Exchange will feature one offensive and one defensive player from the Fighting Scots, chosen by the coaches, to be the Players of the Week. Since the season doesn’t officially start until 7 p.m. tonight, coach Richard Bailey selected two players he felt either surprised the coaches this off season or stood out as the hardest worker.

Barry was a surprise to the coaches after not getting much varsity playing time last season.

“We knew he was a good player, but he really exceeded our expectations,” said Bailey. “I always like to compare him to the stock market. We bought him when he had low stock and he ended up selling really really high. We knew he would be a good player, but now he looks like he could be a Division I football player. We weren’t sure he had that kind of ability until this spring and summer.”

The 180-pound senior hopes he can continue his football career at North Carolina State University when he graduates. He plans on majoring in engineering and would like to become a technical engineer.

Something Barry wants people to know about him is that he is a very hard worker and likes to do hands on things.

When asked what he is most looking forward to in the 2016 season he said he wants to get a college football scholarship offer.

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Barry Campbell Campbell

By Amber Hatten

[email protected]

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