Missing out on Bengals training camp

Amber Hatten Sports Editor

LAURINBURG — The Mohawk has returned.

You will again be able to spot my hair moving through a crowd like a shark fin through water.

A big thank you to Kayla at Red Willow Hair Studio in downtown for taming my mop — after almost two months without a trim you could have turned me over and washed floors.

I was a little nervous about going to a new stylist after three years with the same hairdresser in Ohio, because all it takes is one slip of the scissors and I’m rocking a high and tight. I opted not get any color this time because I don’t think Laurinburg is quite ready for that — considering I’ve had purple, red, blonde, brown and black hair.

Maybe I’ll give Scotland blue a try.

Of course, that might ruin my attempts at being a southern belle — something I’m working very hard to become.

With August right around the corner time is winding down until the start of my favorite season — football. Standing out in the scorching heat watching Scotland practice has me very excited for their season.

I’m excited to see what all the hype is about with Zamir White, experience a Scotland vs. Richmond game and really see just how football crazy Scotland County is because hearing about it just isn’t the same as getting to experience it first hand.

One let down to this football pre-season is I’m not going to make it home to Ohio for Cincinnati Bengals training camp with my dad.

It’s a tradition we started when I was still in high school, we would pack up and drive to Georgetown University in Kentucky and watch the Bengals practice — from behind a rope, several hundred yards away.

The players had their jerseys on so fans knew who they were, but until it was time to sign autographs it was just like a practice at Scotland High School. Players went from station to station practicing drills and getting yelled at by coaches if they did something wrong.

After I graduated college the Bengals moved training camp to the practice field right next to Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnati. That first year we took my mom and she didn’t realize we were basically watching the team practice in the middle of Aug. in 90 degree heat — she was less than thrilled.

She was even less thrilled when she learned practice was an hour and a half, after which we would be standing along a rope squished like sardines to get autographs from the players.

My dad and I didn’t care because being so close to our favorite players, getting their autographs, and even talking to some them for a few seconds was all worth it.

We probably won’t be able to uphold our tradition this year, but hopefully I can sneak home and we can go to a regular season game.

Even if we can’t do that, I’ll still call my dad every Sunday during the season — after we watch the highlights, because I won’t get the Bengals down here and he works on Sundays — and talk about the game.

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Amber Hatten Sports Editor
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