Stepping up to the learning curve

Amber Hatten Sports Editor

LAURINBURG — The question I’ve been asked most frequently since I moved to Scotland County is, “so how are you liking it?”

I genuinely have enjoyed my first 20 days but I always hesitate before I answer because as a sports reporter I find myself in an odd position, I don’t know any of the teams, coaches or players.

Now to most people that doesn’t seem like a big deal — as a sports reporter it’s everything.

Knowing the names, positions, rivalries and tendencies of coaches and players helps tremendously. When I was in Bellevue their high school’s football coach didn’t believe in kicking the extra point, so every time he went for two — and everyone knew it.

The fact that I knew the play he was going to call allowed me to set up in just the right spot on the field to grab some great photos of the wide receivers and tight ends going up for the fade in the corner of the end zone.

Don’t worry Fighting Scots fans I’ll still be able to get some impressive action shots, apparently all I have to do is point the camera at Zamir White and he pretty much does the rest.

I know that some people have mentioned it would be nice if I added the players names in with the pictures I’ve taken at practice — once they get some numbered jerseys I will. Until then, I’m not risking life and limb to ask a defensive end how to spell his first and last name.

That being said, I do fret over the fact that I don’t know all the kids names and their positions, but I have to remind myself it took time for me to become all-seeing and all-knowing at my previous post.

I will admit, I might need a little extra help with soccer since I’ve never covered it before. So soccer parents, I’m sorry and I hope you’re ready to answer a lot of questions.

Coaches if you see me out somewhere please feel free to stop me and introduce yourself. It would make me feel so much better to at least know all of your names.

Like I mentioned in my previous column I plan on being at as many Scotland High School sporting events as my 37.5 hour work week will allow, so it won’t take me long to get into the swing of things.

So the hesitation when people ask if I like it here isn’t because I don’t like Scotland County, it’s simply because I don’t feel like I know as much as I should considering how big sports, especially football, is to everyone.

Amber Hatten Sports Editor Hatten Sports Editor
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