Liberal, a hippie by any other name

Mark Schenck - Contributing columnist

The interpretation of (HB2),“Bathroom Bill”, has been completely distorted, spun, twisted and taken so far from it’s primary intent that there is little or no resemblance to the original legislation.

Certain news media, political opportunists and those that make their living using our countries uninformed for profit have turned HB2 into a segregation issue rather than it’s original intent of separation for the purpose of morality.

HB2 is intended, as with our other laws, to protect us against immoral acts such as nudists roaming around in our grocery stores and shopping centers, topless school teachers or x-rated kiddies TV shows. It’s not the people that are segregated by law, it’s their actions that are not tolerated.

In the past 7 1/2 years we have suffered through legalization of mind-altering drugs, factions in our leadership have moved to normalize unconventional sex and our law officers are treated as criminals. We have had demonstration after demonstration against any kind of civilized order or authority, not to mention the constant legal victories scored against any form of Christianity. Now because we have failed to teach about the past to our younger generation, many have a fascination with the commune lifestyles of socialism and communism. Strange as it seems this entire scenario is nothing more than a sequel to what has played out some 50 years ago, or as Yogi Berra would have said“It’s like deja vu all over again.”

Old hippies didn’t die, they just laid low until the laughter stopped and then they came back as liberals. We’ve known about the similarities of liberal’s and hippie’s for years but up until lately most didn’t realize there are basically the same, for instance: they both have the similar goal to legalize drugs such as cannabis or MDMA.

No one has ever explained just why these drugs are deemed necessary by hippies and liberals to cope when they are living in the greatest country the world has ever known.

Other similarities shared by yesterdays hippies and today’s liberals: both have little or no respect for traditional marriage commitments nor respect for America’s patriotic traditions and heritage. The anti-war sentiments of the hippies are still displayed today in the liberal’s partially muted disdain for our military and their passive approach to veterans with medical requirements. The “Anti-Establishment” agenda of both hippies and liberals reflects in the lack respect for the law, which subsequently resulted in the last seven years of liberalism as well as the early 1970s were filled with riots and civil disobedience. And both hippies and liberals favor socialism where by everyone works as hard as they can and shares everything equally, kinda like in Venezuela where the people stand in line for bread and toilet paper and Hugo Chavez’s sister is worth the grand sum of $3 billion?

Even though it has taken some 45 years, liberals have finally succeeded where hippies failed. Liberals are finally making headway on the legalization of recreational drugs. About half of the 50 states have legalized medical marijuana with five states having legalized recreational marijuana by the end of 2016. Even that left over hippy, Whoopie Goldberg, is partnering with a group to market a marijuana-based drug that’s purpose is to relieve menstrual cramps. Amazing, we have no other drugs for that condition after all these years?

It’s amazing we went through these same exercises in recreational drug use, and social degradation of our moral standards back in the 1960’s and 70’s the only major difference is today the hippies are now called liberals yet they still have the same viewpoint that recreational drugs should be legal and available. Unfortunately, today some of these modern-day hippy/liberals have the political power to make it actually happen.

So, finally after reading and studying this “Bathroom Bill,”(HB2), the question is why should this law even be necessary? Has our society reached such a low place in it’s evolution that we need a law to tell us what is morally right and wrong? Are we willing to be bullied into accepting the liberal hippies of the Charlotte City Council’s law when we know it is not the way of any civilized culture? How can it be justified to give one person a “right” at the price of destroying another’s? Have we grown so weak that we are afraid to stand up for our rights even when we know others are wrong?

If so then our “Tree of Wisdom” is surely rotting from the inside out.

Mark Schenck

Contributing columnist

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.

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