To the editor:

In response to Robert Currie’s Sept. 14 letter, I am not at all talking about displaced workers getting something free. Displaced workers, people who can’t work because of some health problem, old people, etc. should get entitlements. The people I refer to are ones who have never worked and don’t want to work , but think the government should pay everything for them.

Some of these people actually get more from these government programs than if they were working. The Democrat Party caters to these type people, and seem to be trying to make America a socialist nation. Can’t Democrats get it in their head that socialism has never worked in any country, so why do some think it will work in the U.S.?

Mr. Currie also stated that Fox News cleverly portrayed Trayvon Martin as a “thug” who attacked poor innocent George Zimmerman. If someone was slamming your head into a concrete sidewalk you would probably call them more than a “thug.” I know this was a bad situation that happened, but Fox News at least got the facts before they made any accusational statements. The Rev. Al Sharpton of MSNBC accused George Zimmerman of murder before there was ever a trial. Aren’t you supposed to be innocent until proven guilty instead of guilty until proven innocent? Al Sharpton also tried to make it a white/black racial issue until oops, he discovered that George Zimmerman is Hispanic. I guess MSNBC took Al Sharpton from prime time five days a week and put him on a one day a week Sunday morning program so he can’t do as much damage to their already plummeting ratings. I wonder what happened to Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz?

It’s like I said, Fox News is the number one most-watched news network in the U.S. I guess people are fed up with all the bias and downright lies of some of the other major news networks, now aren’t they?

Mike Johnson

Laurel Hill

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