Scotland County police force needed

To the editor:

For heavens sake, folks, let’s slow down and consider all of the issues.

Perhaps we can start by finishing what the Scotland County Board of Commissioners attempted to do in 1976.

We put a referendum on the ballot to establish a countywide police department. It failed by 45 votes as I recall.

Let’s do it again and establish a police department which can be ore efficient. It should help Laurel Hill, Gibson and Wagram with their problems of law enforcement.

Our county is too small to maintain two law enforcement departments. The sheriff’s Office is a constitutional office and it would remain.

If the voters approved such a move, then we could decide where the county police department would be located.

Then, and only then, the council could decide what is really needed for its departments.

The public obviously already understands that this issues is not about the public and the taxpayers benefit, but it is primarily about the employees.

The city employees deserve a place that is safe and comfortable. Let’s be sure that is granted.

If, indeed, we are using all of our borrowing power to build something that cost approximately $11,000,000, please let it be something all of us can use and enjoy — especially out children.

And since Sheriff Ralph Kersy is not going run for re-election, this would be the best time for the referenduum

Bill Morgan

Former Scotland County commissioner

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