Letter: Laurinburg playing tricks

To the editor:

The city council, and probably the chamber of commerce, would rather die than admit they were performing one of the dirtiest tricks on the taxpayers of Laurinburg in the history of Scotland County.

Believe me, if this thing goes through, the tax payers will be taxed and “fee’ed” to death to pay for their palace. They want the entire city to borrow $11.1 million. Who is going to pay it back? You are. I was told by one of the city water department employees that about $6 million was needed for some water or sewer project that had to be done soon.

Those of you in the county have had water rates increased to get money needed by the city. Now that is a crooked move by city council if I ever saw one. As of June, 2015, you received the county’s increase of 15 percent and this year you will receive another 15 percent increase. If you lived in or around Laurel Hill and received water, previously served by Laurel Hill Water Company or Z. V. Pate, Inc., the county manager and the county commissioners let the city of Laurinburg buy the Pate Water Company plus run water to anyone that used a water pump and lived in this area, too. At this time most people had water pumps. Why would the county commissioners and the county manager do this? If they are supposed to be looking out for the best interest of the people they represent, why did they let the people of Laurel Hill get jacked around with 5 percent more to pay than the rest of the county?

The only reason I can imagine Laurel Hill being sold out by the county management and the county commissioners is so the city can annex Laurel Hill into the city of Laurinburg. The city has no other way to go to get more tax money. Believe me, the city council and city manager want more tax money to build more superficial palaces and Lord knows anything else to impress people. The city council and county commissioners want everything that all the well managed counties have, only bigger and better. They have champagne taste when most county and city taxpayers have beer incomes. As far as I am concerned, after seeing the city council make fools of themselves over the new city palace or hall, I want nothing to do with them or the city of Laurinburg.

Mayor Block is the only person who has tried to have the city council brought to book and shown up for what they are, a bunch of power hungry people determined to push this palace through no matter what the excess burden of tax placed on the working class. Mayor Block is the only hope the working class has in the city of Laurinburg and the county. Keep up the good work.

William McLauchlin

Laurel Hill

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