Time to support police

To the editor:

Now is the time to show support for our police may it be city, county or highway patrol.

The men and women serving our community must know they have the support of the citizens. The shooting and killing of police officers throughout the nation will only stop when citizens speak out against such atrocities and actively support police. Remaining silent will perpetuate this problem and make us all live in fear. We must remind our self that those who serve us are also our friends and neighbors. Could we be so callus and remain silent at a time when they need us most? We can not allow those who protect us to become targets of those who take the law in to their own hands. Only if we work together and the rule of law is maintained will peace return to our communities and attacks on Police cease.

Let the next officer you see know how much you appreciate his or her service.

May God have mercy on our county and our nation.

Horst Hanak


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