Letter: Leaders must listen

To the editor:

Is anyone listening? Seems this is being said many times lately. No doubt it is being used by those who feel frustration over issues – things that are important as related to them in city, county, educational governmental issues.

Without some outlet for these frustrations, they will continue to grow. Is it not required of our county, city and educational leaders etc. to make available with transparency, openness and concern with answers of pressing local issues?

This would not be a great undertaking in our small county. Is anyone listening?

Are we all owners, custodians of this county or does it just belong to the large landholders, the wealthy, the connected and members of the county and city boards? Where does the small family that has a small piece of land and has been a part of this county for 75 years fit in the decisions and issues concerning the county and city? In my simple way, being I am a simple man with simple ways and desires, all things simple.

If an issue, cause, reason and or concern that involves, affects the life, stability and well being of the city and or county and the growth of such, the citizens are compelled to be heard and listened to by such boards and given a reasonable informational response.

Is anyone listening?

I would like to take this opportunity to call on county, city, school board leaders to step back, compile a list of the relevant issues. Use these to make good, clear information available to this county’s residents. Good, clear information is a must in knowledge. It’s one thing to hear, but is anyone listening?

C.M. Parker


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