Letter:Leave Five Points four-way stop alone

To the editor:

Please excuse me for maybe not having all the details of this subject matter. My comments are about the plans to install a roundabout to replace the current four-way stop at Five Points Road.

The amount to complete the four-way in it’s current condition is stated as $25,000. However, the report show plans to go ahead with the roundabout at a cost of $1.2 million.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can see that it quite a difference in money. Not considering the fact that the roundabout may not even be feasible for this sight. Has anyone ever seen an 1- wheeler try to navigate the one near the hospital? I would suggest never do any beautifying in the center median. I would suggest, if anyone in authority out there listens to a taxpayer, to instead beef up the four-way. Why not add more alert strips at intervals that give fair warning to drivers approaching the stop? That is the only flaw I see with it currently. And, it is reported it is successful. Why not build on that instead of diving head first into such an expensive endeavor? It just appears that there are more expensive projects being tabled by a county ill equipped to handle those costs. And this is just my opinion. Thank you.

Bill Hawkins

Scotland County

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