Letter: Laurel Hill was once safe

To the editor:

I am so sorry to hear about the incident on Marston Road. I live on Bunch Road mere seconds from that home and actually worked with the young lady and her mother and sister. Our neighborhood used to be a peaceful place to live and if you look back in the past couple of years their has been several other murders in our community.

It has become a haven for drug dealers, home invasions and other activity. It seems like no one cares for small communities where people like me work hard and work as county employees and provide services for people in the community. I have several family members who serve in law enforcement in our community and I still do not feel safe in my home. I am not a pistol carrying woman. I have a home security system but that does not seem to be enough.

We use to have neighborhood watch and community awareness meetings when my father was alive in our community on Bunch Road and there was not a lot of drug activity in our community. Everyone knew everyone and the police department made sure everyone knew they were around. I understand these are new times but people through the media need to know this kind of behavior is not acceptable and just because you live out in the country does not mean you can sell drugs are become a illegal pharmacy for the community or break into people’s house who work for a living and sell their things for your benefit or kill people for no reason.

I have lived on Bunch Road all of my childhood and life and reared my children there and for the first time in my life I am considering moving away and out of Scotland County.

I understand every area has crime and other problems,but when you have to worry about whether you can go to work and come home and be safe where you have lived all of your life and want to live the remainder of your years, it’s very scary.

I used to know all of my neighbors and their children even their dogs and we looked out for each other. But with so many different people moving to the area and not knowing their intentions and if I’ll be the next victim what can you do? This is not just an opinion it’s facts about the town of Laurel Hill a place I have always called home.

Drugs and home invasions and now being murdered in your home has taken over our small community, a place where people always worked and grew old in peace and felt safe in their homes.

Sarah Johnson

Laurel Hill

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