Letter: First UMC prayer not exclusive

To the editor:

In reference to the letter of Mary Evans in the May 4, The Laurinburg Exchange, it is evident that Ms. Evans did not hear Pastor Jefferies announcement at the Sunday, May 1 service regarding the Day of Prayer gatherings. He announced that there would be both a service at the courthouse at noon and one at the hill of First UMC at 1 p.m. and heartily encouraged all to attend whichever one fit their schedule or both if they could manage that.

There can never be too much prayer. It was in no way, shape or form an exclusive or divisive invitation to attend the gathering at First UMC.

The announcement of this gathering was published in the Community Calendar of The Exchange. Why would the church have it in the Community Calendar if it weren’t open to the whole community? Not everyone can break away from their work at noon. This second service gives another opportunity to join in much needed prayer for our nation. Anyone and everyone can attend both services if they so desire; the more prayer the better.

Ms. Evans must not be aware of the dedication First UMC has to the Laurinburg community. It opens its doors to host the annual Women’s Health Fair, sponsors a monthly food bank, helps to support Church Community Services, helps Project In As Much, runs an after school program to feed and tutor some first graders at Sycamore Elementary School and the list goes on. Pastor Jefferies has always promoted church involvement in the Laurinburg community.

How sad that one thinks a church should have to limit the opportunities to gather to pray. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other churches in town would have prayer gatherings at each hour on the National Day of Prayer so that even more people could have the chance to gather for prayer? Remember Matthew 18:20-“For where two or three are gathered in my name there am I in the midst of them.”

Diana and Jim Johnston


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