Letter: Scotland teachers appreciated

To the editor:

Annually, we set aside the first week of May to recognize our teachers during national Teacher Appreciation Week. Although I do believe it is important that during this time we make special efforts to tell you just how special, important, and appreciated you are; I also believe that this should not be the only week, day, or moment when we stop to say ‘thank you’.

I know our community joins me in saying thank you for the many things you do, but especially that:

You chose to pursue a career in education. Today, fewer college students are deciding to go into the profession and increasingly so, it has become a more and more competitive process to recruit teachers to come to small, rural school districts. We are all thankful that you chose to honor your profession by deciding to teach here in our community and serve our students.

Your classroom is the ‘safe place’ for many of our students…especially when their home is not.

You are a dedicated teacher and spend many late nights, weekends, and days off working to ensure that your students have an inviting classroom, engaging lessons, and a plan to ensure that all of your students can be successful.

You are an enthusiastic educator that truly gets excited when, after working with students to master what seemed like the impossible task, they light up because they finally get it.

You are willing to ‘keep on keeping on’ even when it seems as if your accomplishments are only measured in test scores or evaluations or when our leadership in Washington and in Raleigh put many roadblocks in your way.

And the list could go on and on.

In closing, I want to thank all of our teachers for the good work that they do each and every day and I salute you in every way possible. I also urge our students, their families, and our community to join me in showing their appreciation to our educators, especially during this week, for we know that our district, our community, and indeed, our nation is forever in their debt.

Ron Hargrave, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Scotland County Schools

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