Letter: Why not pray together?

To the editor:

Division is still alive and well in Scotland County. One of the most disgraceful and tragic things is that division has risen in the four walls of the church.

My question is why is the First Methodist Church having their own separate National Day of Prayer away from the official National Day of Prayer service at the courthouse as has been done for several years?

We must ask ourselves is this an act of a religious spirit or an act of a righteous spirit that is being displayed before the community? Why is that church not joining in unity with other Christians in prayer instead of having a separate prayer gathering as a body of Christ and prayer together?

It certainly brings up past division by way of racism, elitism and denominationalism. It appears to me that they are doing the opposite of what Jesus’ prayer for the church is: Father I pray that they may be one as you and I are one.

It is a poor witness to the world that Christians can’t join together and pray as one.

Are there going to be two heavens — one for the Methodist and one for the rest of us. It is really sad.

Wake up America. God is not pleased with this dis-unity. What will be next, a separate Community Prayer of the Square whose attempt is to bring everyone regardless of any preferences or denominations together and pray publicly.

Mary Evans


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