Letter: The folly of Obamacare

To the editor:

A recent reader view article in The Laurinburg Exchange stated, Democrats did not say “Obamacare would insure 30 million Americans.”

This is not what I remember was said at that time. The entire Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare because he was the driving force behind it, was based on providing insurance for the 30 million who at that time was said were without health insurance.

After Congress passed the Affordable Care Act over much opposition, we now hear and read that 30 million people are still without health insurance. So one wonders, what has Obamacare accomplished if it did not resolved the problem of the uninsured? It gave us one thing never experienced in the history of this country, it gave government the power to force individuals to buy a product against their will, or being fined with a penalty, which increases dramatically from year to year.

On a second point, I remember only Democrats voted for and passed “The Affordable Care Act.” It was declared it a great victory for the people, but one should wonder why did Congress exempted itself from this law?

Obamacare was hailed as a great stepping stone forward to improve health care for all and make it more affordable, but according to the writer the powerful insurance industry and lobbyists turned Democrats original proposal into another for-profit marketplace.

So I ask if this is so, why did Democrats passed a bill knowing it was influenced by lobbyist, the health industry and cronyism. Have all of us been taken for fools?

Horst Hanak


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