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To the Editor:

My compliments on your excellent March 11 Our View editorial, your willingness to allow views from both political party sides, and your responsible attempt to clarify if either side goes to an extreme.

The statement from Republican Party Chairman Mark Schenck’s column that you took issue with is more than similar to conservative commentator comments, as you pointed out. It is what is known as a “talking point” in conservative broadcasting, and presented as an insult with degrading voice tones. Yes, a government issued-ID is free, after the applicant “jumps through all the hoops” your informative editorial pointed out.

I read all of Mark Schenck’s columns because I remember when he rose to political prominence by taking a stand in opposition to turning northern Scotland County into an east-coast waste-dump, after five or our seven county commissioners at that time caved in to special interest pressure, and/or whatever else made them change their minds so quickly after voting unanimously against that potential ecological and economic catastrophe when first presented. Mr. Schenck’s column’s are well researched and well written, but many of his points closely resemble the “sound-bites” of conservative commentators.

For example, from his March 2 column: “After billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost, [the] liberal Democrat administration made the decision to abandon Iraq which most say caused the rise of ISIS.” Like conservative commentators, Mr. Schenck failed to mention that conservative war mongers dictated abandoning Afghanistan rather than “staying the course,” and dictated “cutting and running” to Iraq over non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Did leaving Iraq, or invading Iraq with imperialistic intentions toward Iraqi petroleum fuel (pardon the pun) the rise of ISIS?

After your profound exposition of who is obviously targeted by the voter ID initiative, you closing began: “So why all the trouble, if not to suppress turnout for Democratic candidates? We hope it is not to prevent something almost nonexistent to begin with – voter fraud.”

Why? We in rural areas, especially in the South, cannot fathom how many major city renters would have nowhere to park vehicles if they owned them, therefore do not need and as a result do not have pictured drivers’ licenses. But tactfully clever conservatives are paving the way for special interest political advantage with nonexistent voter fraud, just as the military industrial complex avoided all human cost, while paving the way for immeasurable profit in Iraq with nonexistent WMDs – now aren’t they?

Think about it, please!

Robert C. Currie Jr.

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