Reenactment coverage appreciated

To the editor:

I wanted to write a note of thanks for the positive coverage and words regarding last Saturday’s living history and reenactment, it is much appreciated.

The public attendance was impressive for our first year and limited publicity, and the Historic Properties people seemed elated at the attention brought to their museum complex. The complex is wonderful and all of us involved were excited about bringing people to enjoy the fine historic buildings at the site. One member of the Sons of Mars SCV Camp related that he knew the people who lived in the Shaw House before it was moved.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the day was our reenactor Benejah Eure of Angier who led the “youth enlistment” activity and drilled the young people with wooden muskets and instructed them in the customs and habits of that time – and allowed many to fire his replica musket. We view our events as educational and it is rewarding to know we have impacted the lives of young people who want to learn more of their heritage and history. We look forward to returning next year and attracting an even larger crowd.

Bernhard Thuersam

Director Cape Fear Historical Institute

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