Troopers are heroes

To the editor:

Hear comes the cavalry. On Wednesday, April 6, about 11:37 a.m., my car stopped about three miles from Laurel Hill on U.S. 74 in the east bound lane by McEachin Road.

I was coming from Monroe. My mother had an appointment there. I called 911 because my car was four feet in the road.The big trucks and cars were really rolling and the traffic was heavy.

The 911 dispatcher said she would send a state trooper in about 20 minutes. State Trooper Dixon was really kind and helpful. He even pushed my 1995 Cadillac out of the road by himself. Trooper Dixon made me feel at ease. He even took my mother home to Laurinburg. I am very thankful for that.

About that time former sheriff Shep Jones stopped to help me. God always sends good people to help. Then State Trooper Edwards and State Trooper Sewell showed up to help me. They also made me feel very comfortable and special. I know they were doing their job, but today they are my heroes. North Carolina state troopers are very professional and we need to thank them when we can.

The troopers stayed with me until the wrecker came.

First I thank God. Thank you North Carolina state troopers.

Jerry W. Campbell


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