Terror tacticsutilized by all

To the editor:

In response to my Dec. 18 letter, Mike Johnson wrote: “It is a known fact that Muslims have been killing each other for years.”

This is true. When nationalism and/or political agendas override religious principles, people of same faiths kill each other. Of the many historical examples, our nation’s Civil War is a classic; northern and southern Christians killing each other over economic advantage, and blaming the carnage on a supposed benevolent attempt to end slavery which benefited the northern manufacturers as much as the southern planters.

Another excellent example is “The Christmas Truce” of 1914, in which British and German troops came out of their foxholes on Christmas Eve, and exchanged gifts while singing Christmas carols, each in their own language on through Christmas Day. Later in the last century, Protestants and Catholics stooped to terrorism in Northern Ireland, each killing members of the other faith, which are both supposed to be under the mutual umbrella of Christianity.

Mr. Johnson wrote: “The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule.” I have three English translations of the Quran, gifts from hardworking American Muslims. I have never had time to read them cover to cover, but what I have read reads much like the Biblical book of Proverbs. I continually hear and read that the Quran reeks of hatred and violence, but the claimers never offer chapter and verse references so I can see for myself.

Mr. Johnson is right. I have never “…heard of a Christian shouting ‘God is greatest’ or ‘Hail Jesus’…” while committing a terrorist act. Terrorists claiming Christianity burned the symbol of the faith they claimed as they tortured and lynched innocent victims here in our nation, while dishonoring an erroneous replica of a flag under which many Confederate soldiers fought. Do true Islamic clerics promote terrorism? Didn’t James Cole claim to be a Baptist minister when he attempted to terrorize the Native Americans of Maxton?

I often hear “all Muslims aren’t terrorist, but all terrorists are Muslim.” People who profit from wars they exempt themselves from service in would like us to believe that radical terrorists claiming Islam as their faith exemplify the faith as a whole. But if Christians, throughout the centuries, had upheld the principles taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, rather than use Christianity as an excuse for political aggression, military invasion and economic imperialism, would people have followed Mohammed, or accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior?

If people claiming Christianity had always practiced true Christianity, would their example have converted all who witnessed their exemplary behavior? Would our world be so religiously, as well as politically divided today, if the Christian faith had not been hijacked and blamed for the radical acts of non-Christians who claimed to be?

Think about it, please!

Robert C. Currie Jr.

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