Laurinburg is no spot to retire

To the editor:

On Sept. 16, this newspaper carried an article covering the approval of Laurinburg as a retirement area.


Let me try to understand this revelation. Retirees are going to tour the area, look at what is offered, get a royal welcome and rush here to enjoy the good life.

Some years back a real estate representative went about educating me on selling property and the area. This representative made it very clear that to do this it takes presentation, presentation and presentation. To encourage a potential buyer one has to do away with the negatives and spruce up the positives.

So, let me try to understand this “Retirement Spot” that retiree’s are going to be eager to retire to. Traveling in and through our fair area we see it being saturated with solar industries panels, buildings and plants of yesteryear caving in and dilapidated beyond repair.

The downtown business area has these to welcome them also. The inner streets with homes and businesses collapsing within. Streets with trash, garbage and discarded household items to encourage the retirees.

Now the cream awaiting these retirees for consideration is our highest property tax rate in the state and near the top in unemployment in our state.

Golly, I can just see all the retiree’s packing to make our home, their home.

Charles Parker

Scotland County

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