Student ready to soar

To the editor:

I am a fifth grader at I. Ellis Johnson Elementary School. For years, I thought I wanted to get my fifth-grade year over with so that I could go to middle school, but my mind has recently changed.


I thought you’d never ask.

We have the most awesome principal and teachers in the universe! Our principal, Dr. Mary Hemphill, is the best principal. She makes sure we are learning and not being slack on our work. She comes in each morning with a smile and when I see her, I know I am going to have a great day. Dr. Hemphill and all of my teachers are very positive, caring, considerate, loving, honest, professional, and willing to help me and all of the students in our school.

I am so excited to get up every morning for school.

Yes, it has been only a little over a week, but I know this year will only get better. I am looking forward to the best year ever as I plan to SOAR, be positive, make good grades and obey all of my teachers.

Braxton Campbell


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