Fee shouldbe for use

To the editor:

I live in Wagram. I pay for water, sewer and garbage pickup (one per week) to the town of Wagram. Part of the garbage pickup is recyclables and the other is kitchen garbage, which I guess goes to the county landfill. I understand the need for a solid waste fee passed by the county commissioners.

I own a lot in Wagram. I do not pay Wagram for water, sewer or garbage pickup for that lot. The county assessed me $55 solid waste fee for that lot even though I do not generate any solid waste on the lot.

I have a friend who owns a farm in Scotland County. He lives on the land and rents adjacent land for farming. He does not pay a solid waste fee on the rented land.

It seems to me that the solid waste fee should be for households that generate solid waste.

A.L. Nelson


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