Fear is often best political weapon

Mark Schenck - Contributing columnist

One of the oldest and most effective weapons used in political battles is the “fear factor.”

Without a doubt when you confront a political opponent with the possibility of a pending disaster the voter’s imagination will far exceed reality.

Liberals are afraid of Donald Trump and here’s why: they know he will nominate constitutionalist Supreme Court judges, operate our government primarily as a “service to the people” and not just a charity. Trump will rebuild the industrial base our middle class relies on for its survival and insist on a thorough “vetting” of all immigrants.”

The main stream news media is also afraid of Trump, realizing he will go before the people, much as Ronald Reagan and verify that the corrupt main stream media is controlled by those with socialist agendas and what is passing for media news is in fact nothing but bias “tabloid” opinions.

Lobbyists on Washington’s K Street are afraid of Trump. His success threatens their jobs as agents for special interest groups that control much of our government. Professional establishment politicians fear Trump and Bernie Sanders. Both Trump and Sanders did away with most of the “big” donor special interest money trying to influencing their campaigns. The majority of campaign funds for both Trump and Sanders were from small grass roots donors. Atheists also fear Trump due to his willingness to abolish the “Johnson Amendment”(written by Lyndon Johnson), which originally kept minister’s from discussing the morality of legislation from the pulpit with threats of IRA tax penalties.

Even worse than that, Democrat Party liberals are trying to convince American voters they should be afraid of Trump. This scare tactic was taken directly from the old anti-Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan playbook. Liberal Democrats are trying to depict Donald Trump as a danger to world peace and that he would start a nuclear war. This scare tactic was first used against Barry Goldwater when he ran against Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Johnson’s campaign used Goldwater’s conservative platform as a weapon to fabricate a lie or scary tale that Goldwater was a danger to world peace. That fear factor won Johnson the presidency which has cost our country dearly for the past 50 years with President Johnson’s War on Poverty which was never anything more than a vote buying cash cow to keep minority’s voting Democrat with no plan of ever helping them out of poverty. Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty has cost over $22 trillion. That’s $3 trillion more than our entire national debt of $19 trillion. And during Mr. Obama’s eight years as president, we actually lost ground in that war.

And then there was Ronald Reagan, depicted by liberals as a loose cannon with no experience in foreign affairs. There again the Democrats tried to scare the voters into believing Reagan would start World War lll with Russia due to his lack of experience, after all he was just a B-movie cowboy. Exactly the same tactics the liberal Democrats and their branch office, the main stream media, are trying to do to Trump.

But the prize for best scary tale lately is the one that they’ve tried to compare Donald Trump to the Nazi, Adolf Hitler. Sorry fearmongers but that title already belongs to the liberal Democrats. May I repeat, those that are trying to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler should study their history instead of listening to those that haven’t.

We have had a progressive slide down a slippery slope called socialism since Roe vs Wade in 1973 when liberal courts made abortion legal. Nazi’s made abortion legal in 1942. Another of Hitlers first socialist acts was to keep opposition party members and those of the Jewish faith from owning any kind of weapons, much the same as Hillary’s gun control where the government decides who should be allowed to have a gun. Second, Hitler made an alliance with the gay community, (the Brown shirts), Hillary’s liberals use gays and other minorities for political gain in much the same way. Third, Hitler used the press as a political arm of the Nazi party, exactly the same way Hillary and her liberals use our main stream media. Under Adolf Hitler, the government took over health care, (we have Obamacare), and Christianity was pushed out of the Nazi public schools, (and out of U.S. schools during John Kennedy’s term as president in 1962.) All of Hitler’s Nazi agenda perfectly matches Hillary’s and the liberal Democrat’s agenda. Now who sounds like a Nazi? Wake up America — you’re being told to be afraid of the man our Socialist enemies are afraid of?


Mark Schenck

Contributing columnist

Mark Schenck serves as chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party

Mark Schenck serves as chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party

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