Are we still a nation favored by God?

To the editor:

Recent reports how Planned Parenthood runs its tax supported business should concern all of us, Democrat, Republican or Independent. For some reason, the major networks are refraining from presenting the facts of the gruesome procedure this organization performs on the most innocent, the unborn, dissecting them and selling their body parts to the highest bidder.

What kind of people have we become when we condone such barbaric, inhumane acts and stand silently by?

A recent program on the American Hero Channel AHC titled “Auschwitz” showed what was done in the S.S. concentration camps. One program was dedicated to the sinister work of Dr. Mengele who performed medical experiments on children. What Planned Parenthood does is no different than what was done then. So where is the outcry from the public and the churches? All of us will become part of the guilty when we no longer speak out against this evil.

As taxpayers we have no choice to prevent our money go to Planned Parenthood, so we must petition our representatives to stop these atrocities, or with our silence we will be as guilty as the people performing the dissection of the innocent.

Horst Hanak


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