Where is North Carolina’s economic growth?

Economists love numbers — some might call it an occupational hazard. Numbers are our window into the workings of the economy. Without numbers, we’d have a difficult time understanding how the economy is changing, both in positive and negative ways.But all economic numbers aren’t created equally. For example, many of the economic statistics released monthly — such as the job numbers — are based on statistical samples. This means they are not 100 percent...

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Expansion, retention key to economic development

In order to be as successful as possible in fulfilling the mission of the Scotland County Economic Development Corporation, it is essential to work in all areas of economic development. One major aspect of a diversified economic development program is business retention and expansion. Business retention and expansion is really a laser beam focus on industries already located in the county where we work to assist the companies in any way possible so they can remain profitable and stay in Scotl...

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A whopper of a fishing tale

Ya’ll know I like to fish, so several years ago a good friend and I took my 12-foot boat over to Pee Dee River to go fishing.I told him, “let’s go up to Smith Lake,” which is a lake that feeds off of the river. To get to the lake with a boat, you have to go through a small passageway of water that leads into the lake. That day, there just happened to be a large tree log that had fallen right across the passageway. We figured the water was just low enough and...

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A teaching moment not to be missed

In case you missed it, there’s a rather important public policy battle taking place right now in North Carolina and around the country. It involves a little item commonly referred to as “the future of public education.”Sadly, this characterization is not meant to be funny or facetious, but as a hard truth.

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Candidates should not seek donations from the wealthy

To the editor:This letter is about a candidate for re-election to the county commission. A number of letters were mailed out to some people in the county. I didn’t get one, maybe because I am a registered Republican or an ultraconservative. According to the letter, this person is a good person. He or she is a member of various boards. It doesn’t say he or she is liked by those who work with or the working class who might work for him or her.With the letter is...

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Former SHS band director will be remembered fondly

To the editor:For some that don’t know, on April 1, Charles L. Allen Jr., former band director at Scotland High School, transitioned from this Earth. He was a vital part of getting the marching band aka “Pride of Scotland County” into prestigious events such as the 1991 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1994 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade and many Superior Ratings at band competitions.He also directed the Symphonic Band to many prestigious eve...

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Life with three cats named Streak

The childhood pet that I remember most was a black and gray tabby cat named Streaks. We had other family pets of course, but Streaks was all mine. I had been promised the pick of the litter by our neighbors. I selected the most energetic of the crew and named him Streaks because of the distinctive markings on his coat as well as the way he would bound through the house like a streak of lightning. We became inseparable. Most nights, he slept at the foot of my bed, and if he wanted to go outsid...

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Constant changes undermine health law’s efficacy

By the looks of it, the individual mandate is almost devoid of life. This tax once was viewed as the centerpiece of the federal health law. Without this critical element of government coercion — imposing a tax on people who refused to purchase acceptable insurance coverage — Obamacare could not work to its full capacity.Now that the initial enrollment period to #GetCovered officially has ended (more or less), those who go uninsured for more than three consecutive months...

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North Carolina a place filled with literature

“Variety Vacationland” — Do you remember that slogan from our state’s past?I suggest a new one: “Variety Literatureland.”In the next few weeks I plan to provide support for my suggestion in the form of books and their authors who will be appearing on North Carolina Bookwatch.First is Krista Bremer, associate publisher of The Sun, a successful national magazine, headquartered in Chapel Hill. Bremer’s essays have been pu...

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Tourism season approaching for 8th district

This week and next, the House is in recess so it is great to be back home in North Carolina. This past weekend I was incredibly lucky and honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Grand Marshall and Honorary Starter for the NHRA Four-Wide Nationals at the zMAX Dragway at Charlotte Motor Speedway. What an incredible event and such a fun day. As I said to the crowd on Sunday, I’m proud to be your Congressman which means I go up to Washington every week and tell them to keep their ha...

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Who opposes school choice — and why?

Liberal activists may fume, and left-wing editorialists may grind their teeth, but legislative leaders are going to defend their 2013 opportunity scholarship bill against lawsuits by the teacher union and other special interests.Senate leader Phil Berger, House Speaker Thom Tillis, House Speaker Pro Tem Skip Stam (the main architect of the program), and other leaders won’t be defending school choice because they oppose public education. They won’t be defending school ch...

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First young leader’s meeting a success

A few weeks ago I decided to contact young leaders from my five-county senate district and invite them to come together. Many of them are taking on leadership roles within their communities in business, in government, in education, within the legal field and in various non-profit agencies. Frankly, I hoped maybe a dozen would show up for our organizational meeting. I thought they might benefit from meeting one another and I knew from my experience that problems in our rural communities can be...

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May 1 is deadline for election letters

The Laurinburg Exchange welcomes letters or guest columns regarding the May 6 primary, but no letters about that election will be published after May 1. The deadline to submit letters to the editor concerning the primary is April 29, but to best ensure publication, letters should be submitted as soon as possible.

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Scotland County’s tourism revenue explained

A few weeks ago, I presented some data and research that probably surprised some people: The insight that travel & tourism in Scotland County generated a total economic impact of $38.78 million in 2013, accounts for 350 jobs in our community, and generating state and local tax revenue for Scotland County to the amount of $2.74 million. This tax revenue represents a $75.35 tax savings to each and every county resident.In response to that article, a number of folks have inquired as t...

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University production puts community talents on display

To the editor:Where else in Scotland County could one be transported back to 1947 Hollywood, indulging in a “Flaming Gay Paris” coconut drink complete with festive umbrella? This was a bit of the noir comedy and history meshed together in the SAU-ENCORE! Theater performances of Bill Robens’ “Kill Me, Deadly” enthusiastically enjoyed by 250 or more people on April 10-April 12 in St. Andrews University’s Morris Morgan Theater.

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