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Mark Schenck Contributing Columnist

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Moral values in our culture were once developed and nurtured primarily in the family. Our churches gave us the bases for our family’s moral compass and social blueprint, all of which were part of our Christian-based upbringing. A big part of your raising included your neighborhood. You knew all of your neighbors, you had been in most of their homes and even shared meals with some of them. Your family knew your weaknesses but your neighbors didn’t, so to get caught in a misdeed by your neighbors was worse than being caught by your parents. You knew your parents would forgive you — but you were not so sure about your neighbors. Why did they care what you did? Maybe because they cared about you and your future. Of course there was aways a mixture of good and bad, but the best part of this was that feeling you really belonged.

With the collapse of the American family, this feeling of belonging is fading. This vital hub that has always held our country together is falling apart.

At the end of 2012, about 40 percent of births in the U.S. were to unmarried women — which means a generation of children will be deprived of the sense of belonging to a stable family and community. Statistics show that future generations of these children will repeat their parent’s mistakes at an even higher rate. As Darwin said, “three generations of deviation from normal becomes part of the culture,” and we have already been through 50 years of deviation.

Church membership is on a steady decline, thus losing forever more and more of our children’s access to religious guidance, and yet many church leaders are failing to come forth with clean, clear messages on vital issues — thus confusing many of their younger church members.

For example, The Bible teaches us the importance of a strong family, yet far too many church leaders cling to a political party that actually financially rewards out-of-wedlock births over and over and over again. Then there’s the subject of abortion, which is not actually mentioned by name in The Bible as it was never considered as an option during which some say were our more primitive years. The unborn, however, are mentioned frequently in The Bible as “children,” and the law was very specific that intentional killing of children was punishable by death.

But there you have it again, many of our religious leaders follow the progressive Socialists in the Democratic Party that have federally funded the killing of unborn children as part of their platform. The same people who protest the violation of the sanctity of life when it comes to executing convicted murderers will then turn around and advocate the killing of helpless unborn children. This must be very confusing to our youth. Could this failure of consistency between the Holy Bible and the political actions of some ministers be in part responsible for the lack of confidence and decline in church memberships? Inconsistency in ones message often leads to mistrust. However, we are also experiencing that same phenomena in some of our countries’ top leaders.

But not to fear, the progressive Socialists or liberals of the Democratic Party always have a solution to every problem: When our schools are found to be substandard they merely throw money at the problem. When our jails were full they again threw money at them and when the number of our poor in our country was not decreasing rapidly enough to satisfy them, what did they do? You guessed it, they threw money at the problem. If fact our government has thrown over $20 trillion, more than $3 trillion more than our national debt, at eliminating poverty starting 50 years ago with President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty.”

The result has been no significant reduction in the percent of Americans in poverty. Records show that prior to the “War on Poverty,” the percent of U.S. Citizens classified as being in poverty was on a slow gentle decline, but after its implementation the decline ceased and and has not resumed. So the bottom line is, every man, women and child in the U.S. is in debt in the area of about $65,000 for a program that did little more than make a few folks a little more comfortable while still remaining in poverty.

So if we have learned anything from our history it should be this: No matter how much money you throw at schools, no matter how many costly laws and regulations you create, none of it matters until we fix our real problem of the broken American family.

Banding together to fight Washington’s “War on God” is essential to fixing that problem. We all know how many bad influences the entertainment industry has had on our young and as far as the schools go, our children spend far more time with their teachers than they do with their parents. To those children from unstable homes, school is the only source of Christian moral values, yet taking Christian values out of schools is precisely what the progressive Socialists are accomplishing. This is precisely why we must fight tooth and nail to retain the right to teach a social system that has a Christian moral compass.

Quite frankly, many of us are afraid by letting the federal government into our local schools in the form of “Common Core Curriculum,” instead of teaching right from wrong we will be reduced to only enforcing right from wrong.

Mark Schenck is chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.

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