Wagram board hears clean-up requests

by Maria D. Grandy - [email protected]

WAGRAM — Clean-up was a central topic during the town of Wagram’s board meeting Thursday night.

Resident Don Wood was back to address the board during public comment portion about the ditch problem on Hill Creek Road. He mentioned some progress was made, but there is still work to be done.

“I just want to get the water flowing. It’s green, it’s stagnant. It just looks bad, ” said Wood.

He also told the board that he contacted Gov. Pat McCrory.

“I do appreciate you contacting the governor,” Mayor Milton Farmer said.”And I feel your pain with the ditches, because sometimes water runs down there and not all the time, but some areas are worse than what ours is.”

But one resident was still not happy with the response.

“We’ve been hearing that for 30 years. We’ve been here for 30 years and that ditch behind our house stays stopped up all the time. And we’ve heard for 30 years that they were going to do something about it and nobody has done a thing. If it was in your neighborhood, in your yard, I grant you, you would. With the Zika virus and all the mosquitoes we’re going to have are they going to do anything spraying this year,” she asked.

Farmer again reassured residents that the town is looking into it.

Scotland County Commissioner Betty Gholston also addressed the board about trees and limbs lining Roosevelt and Howard streets from the last ice storm.

Gholston told the board that if drivers stay in their lanes they could run into the downed branches. She asked if it were possible for the limbs to be removed.

Her second concern was Center Street.

“You know Center Street has become a hazard to the community. I know our property value is at zero level because of dilapidated houses. One house burned down and the yellow ribbon is still around it. I was wondering if the town could do anything with the Whitaker house, the one that burned last,” she said.

She told the board she will do all she could to help get the areas cleaned up.

“It’s a danger for drug addicts coming in using them. It’s just dilapidated, it just looks horrible.”

She added she understands the town doesn’t have the capacity or funds to tear down those buildings but wondered if they could possibly get funds to help.

Farmer said he thought any money used for the cleanup would be a part of the Community Development Block Grant Program that requires a monetary match from Wagram.

“We have some engineers that usually let us know when those funds are available and we can check with them on that,” he said.

Maria D. Grandy can be reached at 910-506-3171.

by Maria D. Grandy

[email protected]

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