Maxton Rescue Squad placed on probation

By Sarah Willets - [email protected]

MAXTON — Maxton Rescue and Emergency Medical Services is bringing four new members on board after its rescue division was put on probation because of a lack of personnel.

The North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS put the squad’s medium rescue certification on hold Feb. 11 after the agency reviewed its roster and found it was short four full-time rescue technicians, according to Gordon Joyner, the association’s executive director emeritus. The squad’s EMS services are unaffected by the change.

Joyner said the rescue side of the unit has been placed on probation for nine months to correct the issue, but can be re-certified during that time if it staffs the required eight certified rescue personnel.

Chief Wilbur Harris says four people are getting certified to join the rescue division, which primarly extricates people from vehicles and buildings. He hopes they can join next week.

Harris, who took over as chief in July, said several people had left the rescue unit when it came time for him to submit the squad’s roster, and he did not yet have those four people lined up.

“Every time they file a roster or make a change to their roster, we look at their personnel and their certifications,” Joyner said.

Joyner noted that the unit has “plenty” of EMS technicians and equipment and that Maxton’s rescue technicians can still respond to emergencies.

Maxton Rescue is located on McNatt Street.

By Sarah Willets

[email protected]

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