Street fair brings smiles to children of all ages

Johnny Woodard Staff writer

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LAURINBURG — To adults it may have looked like a lawnmower pulling a chain of cut-out plastic barrels on wheels.

But for the dozens of children gathered on Saturday for Old Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church’s street fair, it was a steam train with eight cars, there to ferry them to their next adventure.

“They loved it,” said David Breeden, church member and engineer for the evening.

In addition to hot dogs and homemade ice cream, the fair also featured a collection of unique attractions including giant versions of the games Jenga and KerPlunk.

The event was the first of its kind for the church, attracting children and parents from the surrounding area.

“We tried to come up with games that could be enjoyed by everyone,” said Deb Guess, the street fair’s planner. “We wanted to have something that would attract both children and adults from not just the church but also the community.”

Judging from the many unfamiliar faces that could be spotted laughing and smiling around the church grounds, Guess said, the event seemed to be a success.

“The goal was also to try to get the adults involved in the games, so we made up this rule that you have to play a certain number of games in order to get the homemade ice cream. And that naturally worked very well,” Guess said.

Parent Jennifer McRae brought her sons, Eli and Owen, out for Saturday’s festivities.

“(They) were exhausted from playing all the games,” McRae said.

The boys’ only worry for the evening, she explained, was over deciding whether to play giant Jenga or Kerplunk.

“They couldn’t decide,” McRae said.

In the end Eli and Owen, ages seven and four, respectively, spent most of their evening at the “overhead four square game.”

And like the nights of many other children attending the street fair, theirs ended with ice cream.

“They loved the mango sorbet the best,” McRae said.

Guess said it has not yet been determined if the event will be offered again in 2014.

“But there will definitely be something like this,” she said. “It was so much fun.”












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