Church news for July 18

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Don’t let weeds overtake the garden of faith

More than a decade ago, former Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court installed a massive granite monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments in the rotunda of the Alabama State Judicial Building. Two years later it was removed by court order as a violation of the separation of church and state. Shortly thereafter, Justice Moore was also removed by court order from the Alabama State Judicial Building.Not long after these events played themselves out across our cable ...

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Let providence have its way

Sometimes we don’t realize that when we are in a hurry, we rush ourselves into something down the road that could hurt us.

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Thank God for divine detours

Some things that we were headed into would have been disastrous for us, but God by way of divine providence stepped in, delayed us and preserved our lives.We planned to go somewhere, like on a trip, but we got sick and couldn’t go or death occurred in the family and it changed things at the last minute. Some of us can testify that if we had been a minute earlier or a minute later in some situations something bad could have happened.

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Do denominational differences matter?

One of the things I like most about living in a retirement community like Scotia Village is the constant exposure to smart, interesting and well-informed people who value conversation and will stay long at table engaged in it.This week, I had an intense discussion with one of my favorite bridge players who said she was not persuaded that belonging to a particular denomination is really important for a Christian.After all, she said, each of us has our own experience of Go...

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An unusual passage about paying dues

The Rev. Norma Jean Mumford, assistant pastor at Allen Chapel AME Church, preached last Sunday and used an unusual text which some folks might have forgotten, or never knew, was in the book of Matthew.She talked about how God is faithful to his children and always comes through in a pinch like he did for Peter, the disciple who often shot off his mouth and who sometimes found himself in a compromising position because of it.

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Delays can be blessing in disguise

I want to talk today and the next several weeks about something that I hope will bless us — divine appointments.Now all of us know about appointments. We all have had to make them, and we all know sometimes we will get a call and the appointment has changed. God also sets up appointments and he also changes them. Interruptions can be an appointment by God.

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Enough faith to quench a soul in drought

I love an old story that circulates in my family about my great-great grandfather, a fiery circuit-riding preacher named John Martin McBrayer. “The Reverend,” or just “Preacher,” as he was known, traversed the Southern Appalachians on horseback, going church to church, camp meeting to camp meeting, and revival to revival preaching anywhere he was given an opportunity.Ultimately he settled down (I think his wife got tired of him leaving her with the 12 childr...

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Sunday morning memorial service a heartfelt goodbye

It’s not unusual for a Presbyterian Church to include baptisms or weddings as part of Sunday morning worship, but a memorial service during the 11 a.m. service is unusual.The service for Florence Ann Williams Gilkeson, who died June 12 at Scotia Village, was part of worship last Sunday at Faith Presbyterian Church, 2220 Elm Ave.“It was our own invention,” said Dr. W. Bruce Ezell, Jr., Commissioned Lay Pastor, who led the service.“The ch...

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We are never out of God’s presence

Now, none of us are spiritual supermen and superwomen — we don’t have it all together, and we don’t need to act like we do.All of us at one time or another have been there and somebody is there today. I feel it in my spirit. When we get like that we need to be reminded of some things — not that we don’t know, because we do, but it has been crowded out of our mind by other things. I am the instrument that God is using to remind you of something that you...

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