Your View: What do you think about the proposed “art park” for downtown Laurinburg?

“Sounds like if it’s done with taste it could be a good idea. I recommend some flowers, shrubs, places to sit, a water fountain for human consumption.” — Ed Lange

“That would be a great idea, give some beautification of the downtown area. Some nice park benches would be great, some shade, people can sit out there and relax and enjoy.” — Hazel McPhatter

“Sounds nice. I think it’ll cause more attractions, bringing more people to downtown Laurinburg from surrounding counties.” – Katrina Locklear.

“That sounds like a good idea, make it look nice. Shade, trees and a nice bench. Sounds beautiful.” — Brittney Norton

“Something like that’s nice. They need a little more history. Everything’s changed, we need to teach our children about history. We need stuff like that in the world today for all generations.” — Winter Rain Locklear.

How do you feel about the city’s plan to put large sculptures and plants on the empty plot of land on the corner of Church and Main streets?

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