Wagram board OKs water study

WAGRAM — The Wagram Town Board during its regular Thursday meeting approved a $20,000, two-year contract with the Lumber River Council of Governments to prepare an asset management plan for its water and sewer department.

The plan is an in-depth analysis of the system’s resources and age, information that can be used to apply for grants and loans for needed repairs, Town Clerk Phyllis Lowery said.

The board also approved enlisting the help of the Council in updating the town’s codes and ordinances.

“It’s got to be done,” Lowery said. “If we don’t pay the COG were gonna have to get an outside agency to do it.”

“You don’t want to have to pay them — trust me,” Farmer said.

In the time allotted for commissioners’ reports, the board also discussed investigating what causes a town water tank to tend to overflow early in the morning, and said vegetation at several intersections had overgrown to the point where a car had to nearly enter the street to see what’s coming. Lowery was instructed to take inventory of road signage and see which needed replacing.

“It really makes a difference, these little things we can do to make the town a little safer,” said Mayor Milton Farmer.

In other business, Lowery reported that the Council had experienced funding cuts to a program which has lent Wagram some temporary employees for help over the summer months, meaning this year they would not receive any. She also presented to the board a handful of budget adjustments, which were unanimously approved.

Not quite in time for the Fourth of July, the board also asked Lowery to make sure the town had American Flags in place before the next patriotic holiday.

“They weren’t out on Memorial Day and now they won’t be out on the Fourth of July,” said Commissioner Robert McLaughlin, adding that the town may be able to save manpower by purchasing flags that can be mounted at ground-level, rather than placed on the telephone poles on Main Street.

“We’ve had them for a while — we could use some new ones,” said Lowery, assuring the board that flags would be in place for Veteran’s Day.

“I just wish we had thought of this sooner,” Farmer said.

Also on Thursday, the board set dates for opening ceremonies of its Community Center and Recreation Park: July 30 at 6 p.m. and Aug. 1 at 10 a.m., respectively. Details were tentatively discussed, but no formal plans were made.

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