Pierce rallies alongside TAs

Rep. Garland Pierce, shown here with protestors at the North Carolina legislative building on Tuesday, told teacher’s assistants that ‘the fight is not over.’

RALEIGH — State Rep. Garland Pierce supported teacher assistants rallying at the North Carolina Legislative Building on Tuesday, saying in a speech “the fight is not over.”

Armed with signs reading “Pink Slip Truth” and “Children Need Teachers and TAs!” protestors slammed the North Carolina Senate’s budget plan that would eliminate more than 8,500 jobs. North Carolina’s Teacher Assistant of the Year, Michelle Bailey, tearfully said she and others in her profession have made a difference in the lives of many students.

Protestors gave accounts of the many roles teacher assistants serve such as substitute teaching, tutoring students and administering exams.

“Every knock down, does not mean it’s a knockout,” Pierce said. “The fight is not over!”

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