Gibson’s watertank to recievepaint, repairs

by Maria D. Grandy - [email protected]

GIBSON — The town of Gibson is looking how best to fix its aging water tower.

This week, the town board of commissioners got two estimates on possible repairs.

“I’ve been the mayor for 10 years and six months and we’ve never done anything to our water tank,” Mayor Ronnie Hudson said. “I mean nada, nothing. State is on us heavy. We have to have it painted, we got to have the inside worked on. It’s not if you want to, it’s you got to.”

One company said it could do the job for $129,700. Another company’s estimate was significantly lower — $97,800 — and offered to string payments out over five years.

Board members said they thought the second estimate was the best option because the town would not have to borrow money to get the work done.

Town Clerk Angela Hunsucker reminded commissioners that there were two other estimates coming in.

Commissioner Tony Hudson made the motion to give Hudson or Hunsucker the authority to move forward with the eventual lowest bid, including annual payment terms.

The motion was second by Commissioner Mack Wilkins and passed unanimously.

Mayor Hudson told the board no decision would be made without contacting them.

In other business, Harold Smith and business partner Jerry Jacobs requested to be hooked on to the town’s sewer system. Smith said the partners are currently having sewer problems at the apartment complex they own in town and feel by tying into the town’s system the problems will be eliminated.

Commissioner Ken Haney told the men the town would like to have them as sewer customers, but wanted to make it clear the businessmen would be responsible for any costs associated with allowing the new tap.

“It might require a lift station I don’t know. It might not be a big deal at all. We want it to be as reasonable as we can. We’re not out here to gouge anybody. We would certainly like to have you all as sewer customers for sure,” he said.

Haney also stated he assumed the tenants would continue to pay their individual bills. Jacobs and Smith both said yes.

“The biggest concern is … that their utility bill will go from $35 to $55 sometimes $60 a month,” said Hudson. “One other thing, please, please, please tell them whenever they have a sewer problem call you all.”

Hudson said town employees are not allowed to go on private property for repairs.

The board plans to have estimates of what it will cost for the project at the next meeting.

During commissioners reports, Commissioner Wilkins talked about the condition of some yards around the town.

He asked if there were fines that could be levied against residents who failed to keep their yards up to code. At this time there are not, but Hudson said 14 residents received letters this month about cleaning up their properties. The town is expected to continue to monitor the properties until the owners comply.

by Maria D. Grandy

[email protected]

Maria D. Grandy can be reached at 910-506-3171.

Maria D. Grandy can be reached at 910-506-3171.

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