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Staff report

LAURINBURG — Whether it’s furry and four-legged, silent and slithering or feathered and flying, show off your special pet on a National Pet Month page in The Laurinburg Exchange next Saturday.

The Exchange is dedicating the page to promote National Pet Month and at the same time working with the Scotland County Humane Society to assist in finding animals in the shelter a new forever home.

Exchange general manager Althea Simpson said the dedicated page will hopefully highlight the importance of the companionship and unconditional love pets bring to individuals and families.

“People truly love their pets, and there are so many animals out there in shelters that desperately need someone to love and care for them,” she said.

Simpson said she and members of her family have a long history of adopting animals from shelters, and she can count at least 23 pets currently adopted by her family members from shelters.

The Exchange Pet Page will include official requirements for adopting a pet from the Humane Society, and will also showcase some of the animals in the Humane Society shelter currently available for adoption.

The deadline for readers to submit entries to place a photo and information about their pet on this special page is Thursday at 4 p.m. For information call Amy Johnson at 910-506-3021 or email [email protected]

To further celebrate the importance of National Pet Month, The Exchange would like to invite readers who have adopted a pet and would like to share their story to email editor Scott Witten at [email protected]

For details about adoption of a pet, to volunteer or to donate, contact the Humane Society at 910-276-9271.

Staff report

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