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By Mary Katherine Murphy - [email protected]

WAGRAM — Before voting to spend most of its current street maintenance budget on improvements, the Wagram town commissioners on Thursday said that a plan was needed going forward.

The board agreed to spend $2,000 — of the $2,500 budgeted for the year — to have a ditch on Crumpton Road cleaned, and to edge and clean Main Street curbs and sidewalks as far south as Old Wire Road.

“If we do it all now, then next spring when everything starts coming back we’ll have to wait until after the budget,” Mayor Milton Farmer said.

Town Clerk Phyllis Lowery also prompted discussion of which town roads may need repaving or repair, a list which includes Bundy Street and areas of Gilchrist Street.

“We need a plan, like give me the streets and just start doing them every so many years, because you don’t get but so much Powell Bill money, and that’s not going to pay for a whole lot,” she said. “So you kind of have to add to that every couple of years.”

Commissioner Robert McLaughlin said that repaving Bundy Street on both sides of U.S. 401, from Hillcreek Road to Kale Street, might be affordable.

Commissioner Hyder Massey recommended a retreat be scheduled to evaluate the town’s facilities and grounds needs before passing a 2016 budget. He said Wagram has not performed an in-depth review of existing needs in several years.

“We had several retreats in 2006, 2007, 2009 with the town hall, this building and several other things on there,” he said. “We had several retreats with something we had to work on, and we pretty much completed just about everything in there. I think that’s what we need to do now is have another retreat, go around town and see what’s needed and what goals we want to achieve in the next one to five and five to 10 years.”

Commissioner Paschal Stewart agreed.

“It would be good to all get together before budget time and take a ride all the way around town, and look at the streetlights and the roads and see what we need to do. Then we can put together our priorities.”

In other business, the Wagram board:

— Discussed the unkempt state of the railroad tracks that bisect the town, particularly in the Crump Town area.

— Directed its attorney to investigate what requirements exist for the addition of speed bumps on town-maintained roads.

— Noted that, although a chicken ordinance implemented in March did not result in any town residents filing for a chicken permit with the town audience, unwelcome early morning crowing has been on the decline.

Mary Katherine Murphy can be reached at 910-506-3169.

By Mary Katherine Murphy

[email protected]

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