City should step up maintenance efforts

Letter to the editor

August 6, 2014

To the editor:

I am a lifelong resident of Scotland County and I have a problem with the purchase all of the equipment the city is purchasing, yet cannot spray this town for mosquitoes. The price of this equipment is as much as it would supposedly be to help the mosquito population.

It is a shame, especially because unless the city hires a new crew that wants to work and run those machines it will be useless and a waste of a money. On my street they will not even cut back limbs, cut grass on the right of ways, nor will they keep the gutters clean of debris. There is an empty property with a large lot which has not been cut or cleaned up in two or three years and I have called the city three or four times to get it cleaned up because of snakes and the look of my street.

My and my neighbors have and keep a nice street, but the city refuses to come out and get it cleaned up. You can’t even walk across the road to the store when it rains because at the stop sign it fills up with rain as deep as half a leg and they won’t do anything about that. It all holds mosquito larvae.

My and my neighbors do what we can but we can’t do it all. This city needs to hire people that want a job and want to work. I am ashamed for anyone to know where I live.

Sharon Weatherford

Britt Street