Letter: Sweeps closures will lead only to return of empty buildings

Letter to the editor

June 3, 2014

To the editor:

Here we go again, our local hypocrites are so worried about illegal activity at big, bad sweepstakes, but not a word about bingo at church, lotteries, raffles — all of which are forms of gambling. Everyone is not a winner — that’s called gambling.

How many of the task force could have jobs lined up for the 100-plus workers who will lose their jobs? They will have lost their income due to 40-50 do-gooders. So what they now work for to pay bills, they will have to be paid either by the task force or be added to the unemployment rolls, already the highest in the state.

Why Laurinburg wants to add to unemployment and go back to the empty ugly buildings is something I cannot comprehend. It is absolutely unnecessary. Somewhere there has to be someone with common sense — but not in Laurinburg and not in Scotland County. But why not? Is it too late?

Evelyn B. Rushin