‘Cold Water Challenge’ to make a splash for Humane Society

By Rachel McAuley

June 3, 2014

LAURINBURG — Some say that revenge is a dish best served cold, and friends and family with a dept to settle will get their chance Wednesday by pouring ice-cold water over four men who were dared to take on the “Cold Water Challenge.”

“They’ll have the opportunity to dump the water … but it’ll cost them,” said Laurinburg Police Lt. Jason Butler. “I’m not going to let just anyone dump water on me.”

The cold water challenge has recently gone viral, with fire and police departments and nonprofits across the country sponsoring the events as a way to raise money. The person dared to participate has to make a monetary donation to the charity or organization of the challenger’s choice. The amount is lessened if they agree to be dunked.

On Wednesday, those who want the honor of pouring a bucket of freezing water over Butler, or the other three participants — Jerry Riggins Jr., owner of Jerry’s Deli, Beacham McDougald, president at McDougald Funeral Home and Ralph Kersey, retired state highway patrolman and Republican candidate for Scotland County Sheriff — will have to place the highest bid. Money raised will benefit the Scotland County Humane Society.

The public is invited to the free event that will take place at 7 p.m. outside of Jerry’s Deli, on Hasty Road. There will be music, and spectators planning to stay dry and enjoy the show are welcome to bring lawn chairs.

Butler said that McDougald and Kersey dared him to take the challenge a few days ago and asked him to respond within 24 hours. He could decline, and pay $50, or hand over $10 for the privilege of being soaked. Instead, he asked for an extension thinking they might as well “make a big deal out of it.”

Butler said it was a win-win decision for him. He added that he’d like for those he chooses to continue the Cold Water Challenge to donate to the Masonic Children’s Home in Oxford.

“It’s going to be a family, friend, fun-filled Wednesday,” he said, then mulled over his plan to pass on the challenge.

“I’ve got some people in mind,” he said deviously.

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