Letter: Internet cafes bring county revenue from across state lines

Letter to the editor

June 2, 2014

To the editor:

It seems like Scotland County, the city Of Laurinburg and others truly believe in being hypocrites. I am a sweepstakes player who has traveled to Laurinburg many times. I come from The Conway, S.C. area to play.

My wife, son and others who travel to your town spend money on food, gas and other items. No, we do not use drugs nor do any of us drink, although others have mentioned that these gamblers like the drugs and booze.

We all work every day and pay all our bills — we just enjoy the games. It is so amazing to me that the same people that dislike the sweepstakes just love the North Carolina Education Lottery!

How about those bingo games of chance that benefit churches? How about the civic groups that sell raffle tickets? How about those end-of-season playoff pools that 90 percent of you are in for football, basketball or other sports? Come on people, gambling is gambling. How can you throw away one yet endorse all the others? To all those hard working sweepstakes workers that will lose there jobs on or before July 1 — I hope you all win the lottery.

Carl Blowers

Conway, S.C.