The truth about Benghazi is obvious

Robert C. Currie Jr. Commoner’s Comments

May 13, 2014

Representative Richard Hudson’s column in the May 10 issue of the Laurinburg Exchange was titled, “Obama should tell the truth about Benghazi.” Anyone with the ability to utilize common sense needs no explanation from anyone; the truth is obvious. When brave Americans are sent to embassies and consulates in middle eastern nations, they face the possibility of hostile attack. The radicals of those nations respect neither their own government nor international law. They kill their own people over political and religious differences. As we have seen so recently, they had rather punish than educate their young women. How often have we seen news footage of radical led demonstrators shouting “Death to America” in their streets?

Is the Obama Administration hiding something about Benghazi? Most definitely! They are hiding classified intelligence that all administrations hide. Exposing intricate details about clandestine foreign operations could expose not only how it is gathered, but more so, who is gathering it. Do you remember the controversy when journalist Robert Novack exposed Valarie Plame Wilson as a covert agent? Have you noticed that the same political operatives and sensationalistic media spin-doctors who think Edward Snowden should be prosecuted for leaking classified documents, want all information concerning the Benghazi attack declassified, and exposed to the world at large?

As for the debate over whether or not the attack was instigated by an anti-Islamic video, do you remember that there were other simultaneous hostile reactions to that same video? Do you remember when the Ayatollah Khomeini personally sentenced Salman Rushdie to death for writing “Satanic Verses?” Do you remember the hostile reaction to political cartoons published in Denmark that radicals, claiming the Islamic faith, found insulting?

As for the question of where were the president and the secretary of state during the attacks, I suspect that if they were in Washington at the time, they ended up in the Situation Room as the attack unfolded. But the military commanders of our foreign bases are responsible for whatever aid or rescue can be administered. Even if fighter jets were scrambled, how could they defend a consulate in a civilian community without collateral damage? Yes, the Navy Seals successfully invaded Osama bin Laden’s secret compound in Pakistan, but after a long period of careful planning. The Benghazi attack did not afford that opportunity.

Diplomatic service in some foreign nations comes with understood risks. Islamic fundamentalist terrorist are no more Islamic than the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are Christian, but for how many decades did American Christians tolerate and law enforce officers participate in their terrorism? By the same token, too many Muslims in today’s Middle East tolerate rather than oppose radical fundamentalists. Until they take the stand against violent reaction we took here in our great nation, Americans will be in danger in their nations regardless of their mission.

How sad that four dedicated, brave Americans were killed in Benghazi. But may they rest in peace, rather than be exploited for political gain by politicians and spin-doctors who have never served in our military or foreign diplomatic service.

Think about it, please.