Pilot Club members school kids on brain protection

By Abbi Overfelt

March 28, 2014

LAURINBURG — The Scottish Pilot Club of Laurinburg in March presented a puppet show that introduced kindergartners at South Scotland, Wagram and Washington Park schools to the BrainMinder Buddies.

Wise Old Owl told the children how to protect their brains through his friends Gerald Giraffe, Penny Panda, Martin Monkey and Fiona Fox. These are the BrainMinder Buddies that keep their brains safe. Gerald Giraffe taught the children how to wear a helmet when riding their bicycle or scooter. Penny Panda reminded the kindergartners to sit in a car seat and wear a seat belt when riding in the car. Martin Monkey reviewed the playground rules to keep their brains safe. Fiona Fox stressed looking both ways before crossing the street.

Each child received a helmet.

BrainMinders is the Pilot International’s signature award-winning brain safety educational program for elementary aged students. Pilots around the world teach children how and why it is important to keep their brains safe.

The Scottish Pilot Club of Laurinburg has been in existence since 1991. Promoting brain health is just one of its community service projects. For information about the Scottish Pilot Club of Laurinburg contact President Ida McGill at 910-276-5674 or Membership Chair Betty Smith at 910-276-1886.